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What is Titan OS?

Titan OS is the European, independent Linux-based smart TV operating system from Titan OS S.L, the technology, entertainment, and advertising company based in Barcelona. The independent operating system designed for all connected TVs is currently integrated in Philips and AOC’s Linux 2024 smart TVs across Europe, soon to be expanded to earlier models. Titan OS aims to be the largest independent CTV operating system in Europe and LATAM.

Titan OS’ mission is to re-think TV, together. By featuring channels prominently on the homepage and seamlessly integrating broadcast and streaming feeds in the EPG, Titan OS is not only improving content discovery for audiences but also increasing the potential reach of advertising.

How to get your app on Titan OS

To deploy your application on Titan OS, developers must create a hosted HTML5 app and provide the URL. If your service is already operational on other Linux-based TV platforms, transitioning it to Titan OS requires minimal additional effort.

Titan OS operates on a Chromium browser, offering support for standard audio and video codecs, streaming protocols, and DRM options, ensuring compatibility with existing video infrastructure.

For comprehensive technical information, please read through the details provided on this dedicated website. If you can’t find the information you need, contact the Support Team.